Edge 3D Phunnel - Green Poison

27,90 €
The new Edge 3D Phunnel. The eye-catcher par excellence due to its special color: Green Poison.
The Phunnel was made from a special clay mixture using a 3D printing process.

The clay is fired in a muffle furnace at 1200 degrees Celsius, coated with glaze and fired again.
This process enables very little uptake of molasses and reduces the colloquial "bleeding" or "dripping" of the head.

Each head is unique.

Ideal for:

- Heat Management Device (HMD)

- Kaloud Lotus

- Well, Grani HMD

- aluminum foil

Scope of delivery:

- original packaging

- Edge 3D Phunnel Green Poison

- black silicone seal (for the head)

Weight: approx. 250 g
Filling quantity: approx. 20 g
Color: Green Poison
Material: clay from Germany

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